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Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at at BrickUniverse LEGO Fan Convention!


The steps to become a vendor are:

  • Pay for each table. 

  • Email us (info@brickuniverse.org) confirming your purchase and giving us your logo.

  • PLEASE NOTE: you are not a confirmed vendor until notified. You may be denied even after paying, in which case your payment will be refunded. 


Each table costs a flat $450. BrickUniverse has a two-table minimum. 


This flat fee includes:

  • A 2' or 2.5' x 8' table at the event

  • An advertisement on the website vendor page

  • Ability to sell at your selected  BrickUniverse 

  • Ability to put a flyer and other items in the builder goody bag

  • Up to three (3) full registrations at your chosen BrickUniverse event


Rules include:

  • Vendor Tables are non-refundable.

  • Vendors may only sell on the tables BrickUniverses provides. For example, if you purchase two tables you may only have two tables at the event. "Extra" tables brought by vendors are strictly prohibited. 

  • Vendors are required to use only the table space provided.

  • We do allow racks behind each table under the algorithm of 1 table = half a table of 4' x 2.5' rack space. Use of racks larger than this algorithm will be subject to the cost of an additional table. 

  • Racks may not be higher than 10' when vendor is positioned along the wall and 8' when positioned along pipe and drape. 

  • The selling of LEGO clones is strictly prohibited. Third party minifigure vendors are not clones. To learn more about clones, click here.

  • Vendors must sell LEGO or LEGO related items. If you do not sell LEGO related items, please contact us for sponsorship opportunities. 

  • "Sharing" of vendor space or table is prohibited.

  • ALL trash must be put away by each vendor after every show.

  • BrickUniverse has a two-table minimum.


Please contact us at info@brickuniverse.org for any questions. Your space is not reserved until payment is received. Vendor tables are non-refundable. Finally, BrickUniverse reserves the right to deny any vendor.