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BrickUniverse: AFOL Convention

Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland

Sept 29-Oct 1, 2017

BrickUniverse AFOL Convention

The Adult and Teenage Fans of LEGO Convention of BrickUniverse Cleveland begins on Friday morning and ends on Sunday evening. All day Friday, non-public hours on Saturday, and non-public hours on Sunday are devoted to AFOL and TFOL attendees with set-up for displays, games, workshops, raffles, roundtable discussions and seminars by leading LEGO artists, authors, fans, and experts. These sessions are designed to give AFOL attendees the opportunity to interact, build, and learn with fellow Adult and Teenage Fans of LEGO. 


The universe of the LEGO community will be in Cleveland this Fall. So what are you waiting for? Find out more info below!



Schedule + Parking Map


Interested in displaying your creations at BrickUniverse? Want to come to our AFOL/TFOL Event?





Displaying is fun and we can accept LEGO displays from anyone!


  • Each display MUST COVER AT LEAST 8' (FEET) OF SPACE to be qualified for FREE registration. More display space is more than welcomed. 

  • Displays must be made from LEGO, not any other constuction brands.

  • If your LEGO User Group is interested in having a club display, please contact The BrickUniverse Team ( Registration for every participating LUG member will be free.

  • There is a limited amount of space available, sign up before it's too late!



In return for displaying, you will receive:


  • Registration to the AFOL/TFOL Convention on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

  • Two 1x8 bricks for a brick badge, one brick printed with your name and one for the event

  • Ability to attend AFOL seminars

  • Ability to attend free AFOL games

  • Raffle tickets for the many raffles

  • Ability to participate in the ceremonies and other impromtu activities

  • Raffle tickets for various drawings with thousands of dollars worth of LEGO.

  • A Goody Bag full of awesome and exclusive LEGO items.


Interested? Please fill out the form below!




Floor Plan + Awards + Goody Bags

What to Expect




Friday, September 30

2:00pm: Combo-Build @ Challenge Zone

Build a creation with pieces from two sets. Everyone gets to keep the sets, winner receives a prize.

3:00pm: Speed Build @ Challenge Zone

Everyone receives the same set to build. The person who can build the set the fastest wins. Everyone keeps their set and winner receives a prize.


4:00pm: Heads are gonna roll! @ TBA

Led by Heather Cullin of Brixalotl, this fun obstacle course game has a prize for everyone who participants, as well as a grand prize for the winner.


4:30pm: FREE PIZZA Dinner! @ TBA

Free Pizza! Need we say more? :)


5:00pm: Jonathan Lopes Live Presentation + Opening Raffle @ Jonathan Lopes Gallery

Jonathan Lopes, LEGO Artist based in San Diego, will discuss his work in this live presentation. Afterwards, the massive opening raffle with thousands of dollars of LEGO to give away will take place!


6:00pm: #LEGO Social Media Meet-Up @ No Starch Press Reading Zone

Connect with fellow attendees on social media!


7:00pm: Team Speed Build @ Challenge Zone

The same as speed build, but with a random partner. Everyone keeps their sets. Winners each receive a LEGO prize.


Saturday, October 1

1:00pm: Box Build @ Fan Zone

Build a LEGO set without the instructions, just the box. Everyone keeps their set. Winner receives a LEGO® prize.


3:00pm: One-Hand Build @ Fan Zone

Build a LEGO set with only one hand. Everyone keeps their set. Winner receives a LEGO prize.

4:30pm: Paul Hetherington (brickbaron) Live Presentation @ Paul Hetherington Gallery

Six-time Brickcon Best-in-Show winner Paul Hetherington will discuss his work in his gallery -including all six of his Best-in-Show displays!

5:30pm: Landmark I Landscape @ Rocco Buttliere's Landmark I Landscape


Awards are a nice incentive to build awesome MOCs. At BrickUniverse, we understand that which is why there will be numerous of awards for different categories. Awards are chosen by a panel of three judges: Jonathan Lopes, Rocco Buttliere, and Paul Hetherington. 


Best Small Creation

Best Large Creation

Best Youth Creation 

Best Town (Individual)


Best Town (Group)


Best Micro Creation

Best Sci-Fi Creation

Best Historical Creation

Best Train

Best Group

Best Builder 

Best Builder (Youth)

Goody Bag

The Goody Bag at BrickUniverse is always awesome. You can expect some exclusive items from the likes of EclipseGRAFX, Blocks Magazine, LEGO, No Starch Press, and BrickUniverse. 


Attending Details

AFOL/TFOL Convention Hours

Friday: 10:00am-7:30pm

Saturday: 9:00am-5:00pm

Sunday: 9:00am-8:00pm

Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland

300 Lakeside Ave E

Cleveland, OH 44113

(Exhibit Hall A)

For more details on parking, please visit the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland's exhibitor website:


For nearby hotels and restaurants, please visit


If you have any questions please let us know at


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