When I was 14 years old I wanted to hold a special event: one that inspired creativity and ingenuity through LEGO. Our first BrickUniverse took place in March 2015 in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was a huge success -thousands of families showed up to learn, create, and be inspired! 

At each event, attendees can see incredible exhibits, meet renown professional artists from around the world, and even put their newfound inspiration to work at one of the numerous building stations. From massive skyscrapers and world landmarks to intricate city layouts. Indeed, BrickUniverse has it all.​

In a time where hours of playing video games or watching TV is becoming the new norm, we need creative outlets such as building with LEGO now more than ever. BrickUniverse provides the space for fans of all ages to channel their creativity through incredible inspiration. ​

Since our first event, BrickUniverse has been to dozens of cities all across the United States. We have been featured in countless newspapers, magazines, and TV news broadcasts and have entertained thousands of attendees. Our mission is simple: to inspire as many people as we possibly can... one brick at a time. 


Greyson Beights


Founder and Organizer